Monday, April 12, 2010

TeamCity 5.0 upgrade - "out of memory" error

I upgraded JetBrains TeamCity to version 5.0 on Windows (for Git support, yay!). The previous version upgrades went smoothly, but this time I got an exception when loading the server:

java.sql.SQLException: out of memory

After some googling, I thought I had to:

  • Run ...\TeamCity\bin\tomcat6w.exe //ES//TeamCity
  • In the "Java" tab change the value for "Maximum memory pool"
  • Not set it too high
But no cigar. I realized that I probably had a corrupt HSQLDB database, and I ended up reinstalling and copying the config by hand (which was a little frustrating). I don't think there's a real reason why an embedded SQL database should be less dependable than one with a server (I know that from SQLite), so I'm guessing it's either TeamCity's or HSQLDB's fault. Even so, an "export configuration" button would be nice, and take the pain out of reinstalling TeamCity.

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