Sunday, October 19, 2008

Building Python 2.3.5 on Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10)

I'm working on Testoob again, and I want to test its compatibility with different Python versions.

Usually it's no sweat - all I need is to download the sources and then

./configure --prefix=...
make install

But when building Python 2.3.5 on Ubuntu Intrepid I get a neat little error:

*** buffer overflow detected ***: ./python terminated

I've been out of gcc land for a while, and it seems several security compiler flags are now enabled by default. For some reason Python 2.3.5's configure ignores CFLAGS, but BASECFLAGS is honored:

./configure BASECFLAGS=-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE --prefix=...
make install

And Python 2.3.5 installs correctly.