Sunday, August 10, 2008

Programming Tools

In the awesome ALT.NET Israel conference we had a flipchart where people added their favorite tools.

Check it out, and try to guess what my contributions were. (Hint - if it smells of non-.NET-and-windows-land, it's probably me :)

I should have mentioned zsh explicitly as well, but I forgot.


  1. You added VIM and Cygwin? These were the only ones I recognized in the board... (Well, I also know process explorer and notepad++)

  2. :) Yes I did.

    I admit there are some mighty slick tools for Windows (I can't live without Launchy).

    But for some reason, powerful tools with a slight learning curve - like a proper command line - are "guru-level" in Windows.

    Another addendum - don't use cmd.exe, use Console.